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FREE SHIPPING When you spend 75€+ (not applicable on Horse food)
FREE SHIPPING When you spend 75€+ (not applicable on Horse food)

About Us

We lead with an alternative point of view, providing natural pet products to pet parent all over the world. We find innovative ways to enjoy life with our pets, and we foster community along the way. Disrupting the status quo interests us, so we create new and exciting products to disrupt the market. We live to find and make products for our pets against the blah blah old —and a boring, lackluster life.

We’re nothing without our people and our pets. We think together as a team—and as pet lovers—to come up with the World’s Best product Ideas. We stand for excellence, passion and a determination to get it done. We put our pets first (even before people) and every team member is empowered to innovate, collaborate and be themselves.

Joerg Frank
Joerg Frank Germany
In 2009 he began his path to the pet industry. He specializes in pet care, accessories, toys, and food “with that certain something”.
Frank sees himself as a market maker in the Germany region, Austria, Switzerland and as an interface to wholesalers, to specialist retail chains and individual pet shops.

Pat Lafleur
Pat Lafleur Canada
Held various positions is Sales and Marketing with Companies in Canada, Europe and USA. Master in Science from the University of Ottawa. Also hold a degree in marketing. Never backs down from a challenge, he is involved in product development and leads our sales efforts.

Helene Volpe
Helene Volpe Canada
Holds a Master degree in Law. She is at the forefront of product design and leads the team for our community base environment. Animal lover, can't imagine a home without pets.

Alina Butaci
Alina Butaci Spain
Accomplished, growth-focused professional with 10+ years of dynamic sales experience across multiple industries. Equipped a steadfast commitment to customer service excellence to enhance customer service, maximize satisfaction, propel retention, achieve/ exceed sales goals and increase business revenue.

Nicole France
Nicole Zaber France
Energetic and ambitious person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that is undertake, or situation that is presented with. Excellent in working with clients to achieve their objective on time and with excellence.

Florane Renier France
Caring is her mojo. With a nursing background, taking care of her two dogs and two cats is not enough. She's involved in association that take care of animal on the street and trying to find a home for the abandoned ones.