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Who rescued who?

Who rescued who?

By Michael Overlie, Canine-Partnered Energy Coach

Have you ever wondered? Have you stopped to think about it? Why this dog? Why now? I used to pride myself on “rescuing” animals. This started at a very young age for me. The reasons for my wanting to be a rescuer were not made clear or obvious until much later in life. My identity around being there for everyone else, helping everyone else, rescuing, would be shattered. Let me explain.

After the death of my brother, I grieved. Hard. I was torn open, and I didn’t like what I saw. I realized that I was deeply wounded by things that occurred in my life. Things that I had hidden away and never dealt with. I hadn’t realized how angry I was. How unfair I felt life had treated me. What happened next changed the course of my life forever.

I saw my dog, my rescue dog, help heal people. My mom. My Reiki Master. Me. I started to notice things. See things differently. I started to wake up. I started to feel things I hadn’t felt before, both emotionally and energetically. I began searching for something, anything to explain what I was now waking up to. I was voracious. Books. Courses. Classes. I trained in multiple healing modalities. Then it hit me.

My dog was helping me to help myself. This idea blew me out of the water. How could this Pittie mix, this poor animal from a dog fighting situation, help me heal myself? I slowly became aware of what he was actually giving me. What he was actually trying to show me. What he was trying to teach me. He was trying to remind me of a most important idea, something that I had forgotten long ago. That I am enough. As I am right now, in this moment, I am enough. The power of this idea still rocks me on my heels. I started to wonder what my other dogs had given me.

As I dug into this I was in awe. I was fortunate to have dogs in my life at the time of traumatic events and reaped the benefits of what they each gave. Sage gave me safety, security, a sense of belonging. Winston helped me feel strong, capable, safe. Miles gave me back my smile. He helped me see that I could get out of any situation that didn’t serve me. Darby opened up my entire world. He was the greatest catalyst for change in my life. When the student is ready the Master appears. Darby appeared and changed my entire existence, he became my Master.

Now I help others. I help other men wake up to what is possible. I help them learn how their dogs are helping them heal, grow. I guide these men into areas they have been afraid to venture into. With the help of their dogs, we create a safe space. A judgement free, empowering space. A journey into the wilderness of their hearts. I show them how to let their dog lead.

I ask you again: Why this dog? Why now? Are you finally ready to move into what you are meant to do?

Michael Overlie is a Canine-Partnered Energy Coach, Energy Healer and Author. He has had a gift of connecting with animals since he was a small child. Dogs have been with him most of his life, giving him gifts and teaching him lessons. His greatest breakthrough was after the death of his brother. While grieving this loss, he was fully awakened to his own potential and the gifts our animals bring to our lives.

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