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FREE SHIPPING When you spend 75€+ (not applicable on Horse food)
FREE SHIPPING When you spend 75€+ (not applicable on Horse food)

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From puppy to senior, our food supports all life stages

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When you spend 75€+ (not applicable on Horse food)

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Furry Friends Approved: Customer Testimonials for our Products

"I recently switched to this premium dog food, and I can see the difference in my dog's coat and overall health.
The real meat ingredients provide him with the necessary nutrients he needs to thrive, and he loves the taste too!"


"I was looking for some dog treats that was made with real meat and no fillers or by-products. This product exceeded my expectations. The ingredients are high-quality, and my dog seems to love the taste. A great choice for any dog owner."


"My dog has a sensitive stomach and has struggled with digesting certain foods in the past. Since switching to Pets by Loulou dog food, his digestion has improved and he has had no issues."


"I love that this dog food is made with very good products, and the quality of the ingredients is evident in the way my dog has responded to it. He has more energy and seems much happier and healthier overall."


"My dog is a senior and has struggled with maintaining a healthy weight in the past. Since switching to this Pets by Loulou dog food with real meat, he's slimmed down and is much more active. I'm so grateful for this product!"


Caring for Your Furry Friend: Healthy Habits for Happy Pets

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